The Muppets Take Manhattan
The Muppets Take Manhattan

The Muppets Take Manhattan

After graduating college, the Muppets travel to Manhattan to have someone produce their musical "Manhattan Melodies". When it doesn't happen, the gang splits up. Kermit makes friends with Jenny, and Miss Piggy is jealous, thinking that Kermit found a new girlfriend. Now Rowlf is a vet secretary, Fozzie's living in a cave, and Miss Piggy is working at a hotel with her partner, but apparently they get fired, and now Miss Piggy lives next door to where Kermit works at Pete's with Jenny. When Jenny and Kermit find producer-in-training Ronny Coleman, he promises to produce their show. The gang returns to Manhattan, but after getting hit by a car in joy, Kermit gets amnesia and now finds work making ads with other frogs. When Kermit is found at Pete's, they try to restore his memory.






Release: 1984

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