The Men From Sirius
The Men From Sirius

The Men From Sirius

The conjecture of gravitational-wave astronomy by Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity was finally verified after 100 years. The Men from Sirius is a story about gravitational-wave astronomy. Sirius worried that the Earth's exploration of gravitational-wave astronomy will cause a threat to Sirius so that they sent the anthropomorphic biological robots called 797,798 and 799 in advance to the earth to block the human study of gravitational-wave astronomy. However, their plan was blocked by the network engineer Lin Yi, then the robot 798 has reverse controlled of Lin Yi's sense by using Lin Yi's smart glasses. In the process of pretend to be Lin Yi, robot 798 gradually has a feeling of human beings. After Lin Yi being killed, robot 798 completely broke with Sirius and a war is inevitable.

Genre: Action , Sci-Fi , Adult

Actor: Bai Weifen , Tian Chuan , Zhang Yiwen

Director: Wang Yang


Country: USA

Release: 2017

Tags: #The #The Men #The Men From #The Men From Sirius #Men #From #Sirius

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