The Blues Brothers
The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers

After three long years in the Joliet Penitentiary, Jake Blues reunites with his brother, Elwood: the other half of the "Blues Brothers", their small R&B band. Reared in a Catholic orphanage, the brothers pay a visit to the old place, only to find out that the institution is in jeopardy unless they raise $5,000 to pay the taxes. With this in mind, the Blues Brothers set out on a mission from God to salvage the orphanage by getting the band back together, playing at gigs where friends like Aretha Franklin, Cab Calloway, and Ray Charles, among many others, await in the most unlikely places. However, in this fund-raising quest, the brothers will be up against the forces of darkness, including a posse of suburban cops, a team of furious country singers, and a bunch of avenging Nazis. Now--against the backdrop of great music, endless car chases, and explosive destruction--will the Blues Brothers manage to save their beloved home?






Release: 1980


Quality: HD

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