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Rinko-san wa Shite Mitai (2021)
Rinko-san wa Shite Mitai (2021)

Rinko-san wa Shite Mitai (2021)

pAmaki Rinko is 27-years-old and single. She works as a wedding planner and has been promoted to chief of wedding planners. She is recognized for her excellent work at her job and also as a person with a good heart, but she has a complex. That is she is still a virgin.ppMeanwhile, her colleague Kamisaka Gen is also 27-years-old and single. He has the most contracts as a wedding planner. He also has an attractive appearance. Rinko happens to know that Gen is also a virgin. Rinko invites Gen to a love motel.ppAdapted from the manga "Rinko-san wa Shite Mitai" (凛子さんはシてみたい) by Fujita Mio (藤田みお).p

Genre: Drama




Country: Korea

Release: 2021


Quality: HD

Rating: 0


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