Red Capsule
Red Capsule

Red Capsule

The illegal drug “Red Capsule” that euthanizes humans reminds me of the best memory of my life just before euthanasia.Kaneshiro left his plumbing worker after lost his wife, and was selling ” Red Capsule ” at a high price.Kaneshiro sold red capsules to hundreds of people.Kaneshiro who was disgusted with his work and the world itself was drinking “Hallucination Capsule” to escape the reality. ” Hallucination Capsule ” can meet someone who likes only for a few minutes, but it is highly dependent. The pharmacist was careful not to drink too much with Kaneshiro, Kaneshiro was captivated by ” Hallucination Capsule“. One day, a phone call comes from Kanashiro from Hyoga who was supposed to be in prison.

Genre: Thriller

Actor: Rikiya Kaidu00f4 , Rii Ishihara , Makoto u014cse

Director: Takahiro Ishihara


Country: USA

Release: 2018

Tags: #Red #Red Capsule #Capsule

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