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Little Poochini the dog, was treated like a prince by his former owner, a kind and rich old lady. But now that she has died, his new owners, the White family, make Poochini live the life of an ordinary dog. He’s almost forgotten what it means to be a dog, and considers himself seriously misunderstood. It really is a dog’s life, and Poochini is subjected to all the eccentricities of the White family. Like having to live in a rundown doghouse, join them on their hunts, attend dog obedience class, and even do stunts for 13-year-old wild boy, Billy White. But Poochini’s slowly getting the hang of it, and those almost forgotten animal instincts aren’t so bad after all.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Dee Bradley Baker , Billy West , Leslie Carrara

Director: Jim Gomez


Country: USA

Release: 2000

Tags: #Poochini

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