Ian Velloza (Vila Faia) is Vega, a small-time wiseguy who gets kicked out of his gang just when he expects to move up. Out for revenge, Vega teams up with a bunch of delinquent small-time criminals to pay back the leader of the gang, Barbas. Vega's plan is to beat Barbas's gang to the scene of a planned robbery and get the money first. What Vega doesn't realize is that Barbas has many enemies, all of whom had the same idea. Now Vega and his ragtag team must fight through a horde of gangsters to get to the loot--and survive.

Genre: Action

Actor: Ian Veloza , Miguel Meneses , Daniel Martinho , Paulp Azeyelo , Sarri Lucas

Director: Tiago P. de Carvalho


Country: USA

Release: 2014

Tags: #Nirvana

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