Live Is Life: No Time to Lose
Live Is Life: No Time to Lose

Live Is Life: No Time to Lose

Since their big hit, "Live is Life", Rocco and the Pacemakers have made the most of their fame with countless gigs. But even though their music makes them feel youthful, they haven't actually got any younger. After one of the band members has a dizzy spell, the group, with Degenhard and Sissy leading the way, decide to put an end to the tour. Rocco takes their wishes on board with a heavy heart. And so they return to the retirement home, where in the meantime Rocco's flame, Marina, has become the warden. The gentle Marina may have put a stop to the harsh regime of her predecessor, Frau Gluck, but now the pendulum is swinging too far in the other direction. The old people are treated like small children, not responsible adults. Revolutionaries like Degenhard and Sissy see no future there. They want to live independently and be treated with respect. They propose the idea of a place for old people where everyone can still make a contribution and where their brains won't turn to rust. All they need to do is come up with another hit and all their problems will be solved. Easy!

Genre: Drama , Comedy , Adult

Actor: Joachim Fuchsberger , Jan Josef Liefers , Ursula Strauss

Director: Wolfgang Murnberger


Country: USA

Release: 2012

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