Kami no Shizuku
Kami no Shizuku

Kami no Shizuku

The story revolves around Kanzuki Shizuku, a young man who was estranged from his father, a world-famous wine critic. When his father passed away, he left behind a wine collection worth a fortune, but in order to inherit it, Shizuku must solve a series of puzzles left by his father to identify 6 wines. His competitor was Tomine Issei, a prominent wine critic, whom his father adopted before his death.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Tanabe Seiichi , Naka Riisa , Masu Takeshi , Kamenashi Kazuya , Toda Naho

Director: Maria Yi


Country: Korea

Release: 2009

Tags: #Kami #Kami no #Kami no Shizuku #no #Shizuku

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