Jingle All the Way
Jingle All the Way

Jingle All the Way

Howard Langston is a mattress salesman with a bad habit of putting his work ahead of his family. His son, Jamie, who wishes he would pay more attention to him, wants only one thing for Christmas, a Turbo Man action figure with all the accessories. Howard promises both Jamie and his wife, Liz, that there will indeed be one under the tree for Jamie on Christmas morning, but on Christmas Eve, Howard realizes that he hasn't actually bought one yet. Seemingly it would be no great problem to head on down to the toy store and pick one up, but it just so happens that it has been the hottest ticket of the holiday season, and literally thousands of parents are scrambling for the last few. Howard then spends a hilariously hellish Christmas Eve madly scrambling from store to store in desperate search of one. In the course of his adventures, he keeps crossing paths Myron Larabee, a postal worker whose son wants a Turbo Man even more desperately than Jamie.






Release: 1996


Quality: HD

Rating: 0


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