After the conclusion of what he considers a successful two year led operation, veteran West Europe based CIA field agent Miles Kendig is nonetheless desked by his new boss, G.P. Myerson - a man all about the perception of power and success but is largely seen by those working with him as incompetent as the type of person who would rather use a nuclear bomb when a firecracker would have been more effective - because Miles failed to neutralize the Western European head of the KGB, Mikhail Yaskov, which was never Miles' intention in this operation. Not wanting to work for Myerson especially from behind a desk, Miles unofficially quits in that he does not hand in his resignation but rather just disappears without a word. After contemplating his options, Miles decides, as unofficial therapy, to write a tell-all memoir, not only exposing what he knows about American intelligence but that of any other major power about which he knows, his primary target to embarrass still being Myerson. From his hidden location, Miles does let Myerson/the CIA, as well as all the other intelligence agencies about who he is writing, know what he is doing by sending them the first chapter, he promising that the last chapter will be the explosive one if they think the first chapter is bad. Miles knows that he is a dead man if he is apprehended by any of these intelligence agencies, even his own. While Myerson wants to be the one to pull the proverbial trigger when it gets to that point, he assigns Miles' successor, Joe Cutter, to locate Miles as the person within the agency who best understands how Miles thinks. The task is despite Joe's admiration for Miles. As Miles progresses with his writing and evasion of those pursuing him, Joe is certain that, in being only human, Miles will eventually make a mistake in his grand and what seems to be well thought out and masterful plan which largely includes hiding right under Myerson/the CIA's noses. The only constant which may end up being Miles' downfall is his girlfriend, Salzburg residing Isobel von Schönenberg, a retired intelligence agent herself who is providing constant support to Miles in carrying out his plan.






Release: 1980


Quality: HD

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