It's the Christmas season. In Sofia, Bulgaria, Leanne Magna has been abducted in a targeted kidnapping. The reason is that the unknown kidnapper has a special mission for her husband, ex-race car driver Brent Magna, which primarily requires high performance driving through the busy streets of the city. Brent quit driving professionally after he realized his publicity was greater than his belief in himself. He has lived a somewhat checkered life since. The kidnapper has provided Brent with a specially equipped sports car complete with cameras and video phone so that the kidnapper can watch his every move and so that the two can converse. Any deviation, intended or otherwise, from the kidnapper's instructions means that he will kill Leanne, including no contacting the police which also means not getting caught by the police. Things get complicated when a teenaged girl attempts an armed carjacking with Brent still in the car. Although the girl has no idea what's going on, Brent learns that she is all part of the plan, she who must now go along for the ride. As Brent and the girl begin to trust each other, they come to the conclusion that the kidnapper has no reason to keep Leanne or either of them alive after whatever the mission is completed. As such, they have to figure out what the kidnapper's end game is without him knowing for them to have any hope of keeping Leanne and themselves alive.






Release: 2013

Tags: #Getaway

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