Firefly features a mix of Singaporean and Malaysian comedians, a gratuitous comedic plot and a righteous story structure. The film tells the story of a righteous afa who turns himself into a superhero, but he has no super power. And hired a superhero assistant and another set of villain superheroes to fight criminals for society. This is a fashion movie based on the concept of fighting criminals and featuring superheroes. So there will be American superhero costumes, multiple actors playing superheroes in a play, and there will be cool superhero costumes. In American superhero movies, the heroes all prefer tight clothing, which shows the beauty of their muscular lines, exudes male grandeur and reveals part of their face.

Genre: Drama , Crime , Fantasy , Comedy

Actor: Xuhui Cheng , Wenbo Qiu , Meijun Chen , Jingmiao Lin

Director: Yehan Cai


Country: USA

Release: 2016

Tags: #Firefly

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