Dad's Home
Dad's Home

Dad's Home

As the weeks go by, dad Ben gets involved with son Dylan's baseball team after he finds out from the coach that Dylan has quit without telling him--having attended no games while he had a job as a now-fired ad executive, and rediscovers the mundane chores that keep a household running. Daughter Lindsay is starting to discover boys--and boundaries must be set when Ben comes home and finds her entertaining a male classmate in her bedroom. Ben and Dylan's teacher are thrown together many times as Ben discovers school activities and actually starts a romantic relationship. Then Ben gets offered a job in Cleveland and has trouble telling the kids who naturally are reluctant to move from their stone-and-glass home with the year-round swimming pool and established friendships. And what about saying a final goodbye to Dylan's teacher--or wondering if they could cultivate a relationship if he stayed?

Genre: Drama

Actor: Stephanie Erb , David James Elliott , Madison Davenport , Mary-Margaret Humes



Country: USA

Release: 2010

Tags: #Dad's Home

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