Carlos Spills The Beans
Carlos Spills The Beans

Carlos Spills The Beans

Steven Boyle just can?t catch a break. He lives in the garage of his family?s mansion, works as a cook for his family-owned high-end restaurant, Boyle?s, where he takes orders from everyone including his acerbic brother Matthew, and has a hot girlfriend, Joyce, that he can?t even satisfy and decides to break up with. Steve is an angst-filled and delusional young man whose only confidante is Carlos, the titular Spanish-speaking busboy at Boyle?s, who may not quite share Steve?s privileged worldview (in fact, he more than thinks Steve is just an entitled jerk with an identity problem). To make all this worse, Matthew hires a new employee that may prove to be Steve?s ultimately undoing. Victor Smiles comes into the Boyle universe with his world-traveled, everyman, quasi-hippie, do-gooder personality and obvious good looks that steals the affection of every man, woman and child he comes across. Everyone that is, except for Steven Boyle. Victor first takes Steve?s coveted job as bartender and quickly wins the affections of his brother, Matthew and (now ex-) girlfriend, Joyce, and ultimately every single person in his family. Thus begins a rivalry of absurdly escalating proportions. Carlos Spills the Beans is an acerbic, raucous, vulgar serio-comedy that skewers the modern American wealthy family. The film explores the more deplorable themes of our nature including classicism, racism, greed, envy, entitlement and emotional cruelty. Director Brian McGuire effortlessly weaves a large cast of characters through a hilarious viper pit that will leave you bewildered, emotionally drained and ready to get blazingly drunk. It?s that angry?and that funny.

Genre: Drama , Comedy , Romance


Director: Brian McGuire


Country: USA

Release: 2014

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