All These Women
All These Women

All These Women

Broad farce circa 1920 about pompous music critic and wannabe composer Cornelius trying to gain access to famed cello master, Felix, for an interview to write a definitive biography. With the assistance of Felix's impresario Jillker who is organizing an upcoming worldwide radio concert by Felix, Cornelius is at Felix's lavish summer house where Felix is currently rehearsing for the aforementioned concert in three days. What Cornelius finds is that as hard as he tries, he can't get a meeting specifically with Felix. However, who he does meet is Felix's seven "wives", only one, Adelaide, who is actually Felix's legal wife. The other six are his sexual partners who fulfill other aspects in his life: a benefactress, a maid, a relation mediating a family dispute among the group. Adelaide schedules the time between Felix and the seven, one woman per each day of the week. In the process, Cornelius, always with notepad and quill in hand, takes notes of the goings-on of the seven in relation to Felix, often with him being directly involved in the immediate proceedings. Cornelius uses whatever tool at his disposal to be able to get what he wants, which isn't always just Felix's story...






Release: 1964

Tags: #All These Women

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