A Special Lady
A Special Lady

A Special Lady

Na Hyun-jing, a charismatic female boss who turned a crime organization into a legal business enterprise, is planning to retire and start a new life. However, her decision to break clean from the past is met with obstacles from inside and out. In addition, Dae-shik, a vindictive prosecutor who was coerced by Hyun-jung to help build up the gang’s business, plots a revenge. When the existence of Hyun-jung’s son is revealed, he instantly becomes the target of all her enemies. Will she be able to save her son and leave the underworld?

Genre: Action , Crime

Actor: Kim Min-seok , Kim Hye-soo , Lee Sun-gyun , Lee Hee-joon , Choi Moo-Seong , Oh Ha-neui

Director: Lee Ahn-gyu


Country: USA

Release: 2016

Tags: #A #A Special #A Special Lady #Special #Lady

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